The Purple Purse Challenge

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Our financial literacy class was nationally recognized recently by the Allstate Foundation, and AAFV is excited to announce that we are the only Idaho non-profit to be accepted into the National Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge! Starting October 1- 27th, AAFV will be actively participating in weekly challenges among 160 other non-profits nationwide.  We are asking for our community to engage, and participate in this challenge alongside us.  AAFV is looking for Team Leaders and Ambassadors to help spread awareness. AAFV wants to show the nation that Idaho cares about domestic abuse victims!

The Allstate Purple Purse Challenge was born as a way to help bring awareness to financial abuse in domestic violence relationships.  1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence, of what’s reported.  98% of those victims are also victims of financial abuse. Financial abuse is an invisible form of abuse that traps victims in an abusive situation.  If you have ever wondered why a victim just doesn’t leave, this is a common way that abusers cause their victims to believe that leaving is not an option.

For more information, contact Sarah Chaney 459-6330 ext. 121 or email

The Challenge break down:

October 1st-Allstate Foundation will match every organizations first $250 raised today.
October 1st-6th -Bonus Challenge #1
Raise at least $500 online and get entered for a chance to win $2,500 (10 winners)!
October 6th-13th -Bonus Challenge #2
I:  The three charities to raise the greatest amounts of money win $10,000 each. (3 winners)
II:  Get at least ten donations and get entered for a chance to win $10,000.  (3 winners)
October 13th-20th -Bonus Challenge #3
Top 50 charities that raise the most this week get $1,000
October 20th-27th -Bonus Challenge #4
Get at least ten donations for one entry to win $10,000 and every additional ten donations gets you an additional entry to win.  (5 winners)


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