Caldwell Bowl Helps Film Company Win the Gold!

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by Chantele Hensel, publisher

L to R: Andrew Garcia and Nate Garcia

In 2014, two brothers from Boise, Nate and Andrew Garcia, began Ice Cream Entertainment. They had made movies together as kids and launching their business was a great way to take what they loved and turn it into a career. They do what they love and earn and income creating commercials and corporate videos. Including some recognizable brands, such as Coca-Cola and Chevrolet.

Each June teams of filmmakers from the state of Idaho compete in the I48: Idaho 48 hour film competition and festival. The teams are given 48 hours (beginning Friday night) to plan, produce, edit and submit their projects. The only rules are, teams are given one of the each they must use in the film: a line of dialogue that must be used, a prop, a character’s name and a genre.

Nate and Andrew were assigned: sports genre, a shoe horn for a prop, the characters name had to be Lt. McFeely and the line to use in the film was “There’s a science to it.” It didn’t take the two creative men very long to come up with a plan as they have always enjoyed bowling and feel that bowling is a very cinematic sport. Plus, it only required one person. Once they had decided that they were going to create a bowling movie they searched for bowling centers. Once they saw Caldwell bowl they felt drawn to ask Harold’s permission. Nate said, “Harold kindly said yes and we were thrilled.” The next day the filming took 5 hours and equally as long on Sunday to edit the video.

Together, Nate and Andrew won Best Sound and Music, Best Actor and overall Best Film. They always received the Boise Weekly Award. The video is linked through Select the tab “Ice Cream Entertainment” and enjoy. It is certainly worth watching. Thank you, Nate and Andrew for coming to Caldwell. Fall leagues are beginning soon and you are always welcome.


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