Finding the Fountain of Youth

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by Michael Hensel

Sometimes a great idea takes on a life of its own and evolves to become a multifaceted project. Lucy Buus was visiting her grandson in the VA hospital as he was being treated for a brain tumor, possibly related to his service in Afghanistan where his vehicle was hit by an IED. He was given a quilt that He was allowed to take home when he was released. Lucy was excited to bring the idea of providing quilts to veterans in the hospital to Faith Lutheran church since she knew that they have been making quilts for over 40 years through an initiative by Lutheran World Relief.

Over those 40 years, the project has grown to an operation that hand makes over 150 quilts per year. Those quilts are given to a large variety of people from International students at the College of Idaho, to local high school seniors, and Operation Warm Heart in Mountain Home. 

I’m convinced this little group of 8 to 10 ladies has found the fountain of youth, quilting obviously lends itself to longevity as the oldest claims to be 93 years young. They are always open to others that would enjoy the opportunity to not only help a variety of people keep warm but spend time with a lovely group of ladies and, of course, add years to their life. You can add to the beauty of our world by contacting Lucy at the church, they meet every Monday and welcome everyone, experience is not required. 



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