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by Leora Summers

Caldwell Rotarians and friends visit the Caldwell Memorial Veterans’ Hall! Bottom Row L to R:Mike Dittenber, Gina Lujack, Marisela Pesina, Cecilia Flores Row 2: Arlene Evans, Diane Haunschild, Chuck McHughRow 3:Greg Evans, Jerry Bauman, Bob Haunschild, Jeff Hill and Bob Jenkins Top Row:Aaron Buck, Terry Harrell and Jeff Hunsicker

What an amazing building remodel for the Caldwell area veterans when the old Caldwell School District building (1101 Cleveland Blvd), formerly the Caldwell Library, was re-purposed to become the Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall (CVMH), to house services for the veterans in our area. Caldwell Rotary Club had an onsite visit on August 22ndto see the results and hear about the services that are being provided there for our veterans and their families.

Veteran Terry Harrell spoke to the group explaining the long process that got them where they are today. No federal or state money was used to complete this project. Many other avenues of financial support and volunteer help came through to complete this project. Among some of them included a Caldwell Rotary Club fundraisers, Caldwell Housing Authority and its manpower, Jeff Hunsicker and his structural architectural help to help get the building structurally sound, the City of Caldwell, Albertson Foundation, Simplot Foundation, Caldwell Elks, Home Depot with material donations, a variety of various Caldwell veterans groups, and other service clubs and organizations.

A walk down a memory hall in the Caldwell Memorial Veterans’ Hall was an amazing collage of historic photos of events to remember! This is worth seeing on a visit to the Hall.

This project was 4 years in the making with 1.9 million dollars put into this building to bring it to completion. The project cost more than anticipated, but in the end, a beautiful historic building was restored and repurposed for a tremendous service to our area veterans.

There continue to be operating expenses for the services, utilities and upkeep of the building for which other fundraisers help to fill in the gaps. The services being provided are “ramping up” with Yoga activities beginning on September 5th and will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 am and Neptune Warrior, scuba diving class for veterans and first responders.  The class helps to deal with PTSD, anxiety and stress. The class is on September 10th at 6 pm at the hall. For other services and activities check out their calendar at If you have questions, call (208) 402-6590, CVMH.

In Caldwell, we love and support our veterans!



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