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This month’s spotlight item is the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm. Many Vietnam Veterans are unaware that they have earned this medal. The Vietnam Gallantry Cross is a Vietnamese issued medal. This medal was, at first, initially given out to units individually. The Vietnamese government, however, changed that and awarded it to all units subordinate to the Military Assistance Command (MAC-V) during the period of February 8th, 1962 to March 28th, 1973. It was also awarded to US Army Vietnam (USARV) and its subordinate units from the period of July 20th, 1965 to March 28th, 1973.  To sum up, all personnel, who served in Vietnam during those time frames, have earned the Vietnam Gallantry Cross.  This includes all branches of the military who served in-country and in the waters of Vietnam.

In order of precedence, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross would be worn after the Vietnam Service Medal and before the Vietnam Campaign.Because this is a foreign award, our government will not send veterans this medal.  For that matter, no government will issue another government’s medal. You cannot get this from the Vietnamese Government either. In fact, the Vietnam government wants to ban all South Vietnamese medals and flags. The Gallantry Medal will have to be purchased commercially. You can buy these wherever medals are sold.

One final note, you do not need to request an updated version of your DD-214 add this award. If you have the Vietnam Service Medal listed on your DD-214, then the Vietnam Gallantry Cross is automatically awarded.

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