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by Chantele Hensel, compilation by Angela Matlashevsky

Before 9/11, September 11thwas just an ordinary day and how quickly that ordinary day changed so many lives. I had just woken up. Enjoying the quiet of the morning while my two boys ages 4 and 5 months slept. I opened the blinds to let the sun shine in and walked out onto my deck with the baby monitor. I remember watching the swirling of steam above my cup. Fall colors hung overhead from the trees and the few flowers still present yawned to rest for a couple seasons. “Wah”, the monitor nudged me and back into the house I walked. Settling on the couch with my new baby I turned the television on-a moment of impact in my life. A  plane had struck a tower and as discussion as to why or how this could have happened by the news anchors baffled America, right there in front of me I saw a second plane torpedo into the other tower. From that moment on for days maybe months I watched MSN News every opportunity I had. Solitude, fear, deep pain sat on my chest for the missing; found; lost. I was thankful for the unity and patriotism that grew from that pain around me. It also caused me to reflect on the many wars had taken place before that I had not before and the thousands who lost their lives to give us this great nation. Our freedom, from the beginning of time has come with a price…that day I gained value of my life. I will forever feel in debt to our veterans. If you are a veteran or have a loved one who is a veteran. Thank you for your service. For the years of sacrifice you made for me and my children.

I was training at the police academy. We were supposed to take a test that morning; we post-poned it to watch the event. It was a very somber and sobering day. – Cptn. Riley, CPD

I was in 6thgrade science class. – Anonymous

I stopped by my son’s workplace to check up on him and heard the new over the radio. I couldn’t believe it at first; I thought it was as sick joke. – Amy

I left my room in the morning and saw it on TV. – Anonymous

I was on my way to drop off my kids at school and heard it on the radio. – Cathy

I was working as a stock broker and they shut down the stock exchange for the day; we watched the event on TV. – Anonymous

I was going to pick up a coffee and heard it on the radio; I turned around and went straight home. – Judi

I was working at my job site and watched the event live on TV. I watched as the second plane hit the towers and watched as they fell. – Ken

I was getting ready to leave for work when I saw it on TV. I used to deliver goods to the Twin Towers; by the time I got there they were gone. – Fiodor

I was at the Salt Lake City Airport waiting for a friend to check in his luggage when an airport employee stood up on the counter and told everyone to go home: no one is flying out today. – Gena

I was five years old at the time and was watching an ant crawl across the living room floor before I looked up and saw it on the TV. – Angela

I was on duty at the Caldwell Fire Department on that day; it was during my first year of full-time service. – Jay Coulter, CFD

I was getting ready for school and picked up my friend. She said it was all fake, that it wasn’t really happening. – Inga

I had just finished working the graveyard shift at the post office processing plant and stayed to watch the event on the breakroom TV. – Anonymous


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