ChanteleAndMichaelThe Caldwell Perspective is a locally owned and operated community newspaper.

14,500 copies print each month and are delivered within Caldwell.

On a more personal note; my name is Chantele Hensel. I am a graduate of Vallivue High School and began my career in the newspaper industry in 2002. I married the love of my life, Michael Hensel, in 2008.

After the birth of my fourth child, I was able to stay home and be a mommy. In 2014, Audie began kindergarten and I found myself lost with too much time on my hands.

During this time, Roger Brooks presented a seminar about the development of downtown Caldwell. As I sat there next to my husband on our “date night”, I had an aha moment and ta-da, the plans for the first Caldwell Perspective just exploded in my head. I am excited to use my skills to provide this beautiful town a great little paper. The first edition of the Caldwell Perspective published December 2014 and it amazes me today just how anticipated it remains.

Please do not hesitate contacting me if you have any questions or suggestions – this is Caldwell’s paper. You can reach me by calling 208-899-6374 or emailing

Our office is located at 718 Main St., Suite 7B, Maddy’s Plaza, Downtown Caldwell. We are open Tuesday-Friday from 10am-4pm.