The Purple Purse Challenge


Our financial literacy class was nationally recognized recently by the Allstate Foundation, and AAFV is excited to announce that we are the only Idaho non-profit to be accepted into the National Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge! Starting October 1- 27th, AAFV will be actively participating in weekly challenges among 160 other non-profits nationwide.  We are asking for our community to engage, and participate in this challenge alongside us.  AAFV is looking for Team Leaders and Ambassadors to help spread awareness. AAFV wants to show the nation that Idaho cares about domestic abuse victims!

The Allstate Purple Purse Challenge was born as a way to help bring awareness to financial abuse in domestic violence relationships.  1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence, of what’s reported.  98% of those victims are also victims of financial abuse. Financial abuse is an invisible form of abuse that traps victims in an abusive situation.  If you have ever wondered why a victim just doesn’t leave, this is a common way that abusers cause their victims to believe that leaving is not an option.

For more information, contact Sarah Chaney 459-6330 ext. 121 or email

The Challenge break down:

October 1st-Allstate Foundation will match every organizations first $250 raised today.
October 1st-6th -Bonus Challenge #1
Raise at least $500 online and get entered for a chance to win $2,500 (10 winners)!
October 6th-13th -Bonus Challenge #2
I:  The three charities to raise the greatest amounts of money win $10,000 each. (3 winners)
II:  Get at least ten donations and get entered for a chance to win $10,000.  (3 winners)
October 13th-20th -Bonus Challenge #3
Top 50 charities that raise the most this week get $1,000
October 20th-27th -Bonus Challenge #4
Get at least ten donations for one entry to win $10,000 and every additional ten donations gets you an additional entry to win.  (5 winners)



For 23 years the Caldwell Foundation for Educational Opportunity (CFEO), which currently holds an endowment of more than $1,000,000, has awarded scholarships to students graduating from Caldwell High School and Canyon Springs High School who will be attending a school of higher education of their choice. Scholarships were also awarded to students who elected to attend the College of Idaho, which will be matched up to $2000 by the College of Idaho. Forty-five scholarships were awarded this year.

Kathi Lamm Memorial Scholarship – Sierra Bowling pictured with Bill Gigray (CFEO President) received a scholarship that is awarded to a student graduating from Caldwell High School or Canyon Springs High School who will be attending a secondary school of her choice.

The Ring Family Scholarship – McKenzie Mangun pictured with Robert Ring (Ring family member) received a scholarship which can be matched up to $2,000 from the C of I, that is given students who will be attending the C of I.

West Valley Medical Staff Scholarship – Taylor Truesdell pictured with Brandon Wilding M.D. (WVMC Chief of Staff) received a scholarship which can be matched up to $2,000 from the C of I, that is given students who will be attending the C of I.

Kathi Lamm Memorial Scholarship – Sierra Bowling
Mayor’s Community Scholarship – McKenzie Mangun, Jamie Waters
Principal’s Leadership – Taylor Reeves
Faculty Citizenship – Emily Garcia
Gwen Reed – Tamika Russell
Ellen Dillon – Heather Green
Adam Gabrielsen – Edel ValdezHelen Broyles Andres and Harold Clayton White First Twins Scholarship – Alexis Tolman
Daniel Soran – Gabriela Cerda
Tom Moore Excellence in Art – Tyler Truksa, Yasmine Brock, Shelby Cantergiani
Ron Maxwell Memorial – Jessica Doan
Cliff Burnett Memorial – Tamika Russell
Warren ‘Moke’ Strong Memorial Scholarship – Drew Ozuna, Tamika Russell
Bill Weivoda Memorial Scholarship – Gabriela Cerda
Vernon DeMark Memorial Scholarship – Jessica Henry
Dorothy Kidd Scholarship – Jasmyn Lopez
Kimbery Tollman Carpenter Memorial Scholarship – Emmalie Griswold
Brad Carrow Memorial Scholarship – Drew Ozuna
Class of ’61 Scholarship – Eric Van Schoiack
Political Philosophy Student of the Year – Tyler Truksa
Todd Rutledge Exceptional Courage Award – Stephanie Blaylock
Class of ’59 Awards – Brian Robinson, Jessica Doan
Canyon Springs High School Scholarship – Carma White

The following scholarships awarded by CFEO are matched up to $2000 for those students who elect to attend the College of Idaho.

Charlie Alvaro Memorial Scholarship – Tamika Russell, Drew Ozuna
Theodore W. Gruver Scholarship from the Class of ’54 – Karla Zavala Beltran
Jaunice Wanders Memorial Scholarship – Zoe Maughan
Class of ’54 Scholarship – Emmalie Griswold
Stephen Blakley Memorial Scholarship – Emmalie Griswold
The Ring Family Scholarship – McKenzie Mangun
West Valley Medical Staff Scholarship – Taylor Truesdell
Class of ’51 Scholarship –Jamie Waters
CFEO Academic Scholarship – Sara Mego
CFEO Education Career Scholarship – Kaylee Bowling
Barbara L. Gigray Memorial Scholarship – Zoe Maughan
Dr. Julian Hoff Academic Health or Music Career Scholarship – Sara Mego
Gini Rosandick Orchestra Scholarship – Cherie Leavitt, Heather Green
Class of ’78 Scholarship – Emmalie Griswold
Class of ’77 Scholarship – Bailey Womack






Caldwell Fine Arts Festival Honors Students

By Peggy Miller
Drue Johnson, Piano

Erik Rolfsen, Piano

Mark Blakeley, Violin

Caldwell Fine Arts Festival honored graduating seniors who participated in this festival at least four years. Pictured are Mark Blakeley on violin, Drue Johnson and Erik Rolfsen on piano.

Piano and string students performed for judges on April 18th at Treasure Valley Christian/Faith Lutheran Church and at the College of Idaho. Students who earned their third or higher superior rating were recognized at two honor recitals in the Langroise Recital Hall on April 26th.

 Ribbons were presented to the performers according to the number of Superior ratings they have earned: Laurel Schroeder, violin (eleven), Brandon Fine, piano (nine); Jenna Winters, violin (nine); Drue Johnson, piano (eight); Emma Page, piano (eight); Noela Rubens, piano (eight); Natasha Rubens, piano (seven); May Zhen, violin (six); Joseph Alvarez, piano (five); Alaina Warren, piano (five); Nathaniel Warren, piano (five); Byrnn Beal, violin (five); Ava Camilo, cello (five); Hari Gopalakrishnan, cello (five); XiaMin Wu, viola (five); BNB String Trio (four); Jessi Winters, violin (four); Jessica Liu, cello (four); Porter Rigby, cello (four); Zoe Coon, piano (four); Emma Moulton, piano (four); Shaydynn Nichols, piano (four); Josh Richmond, piano (four); Christopher Truksa, piano (four); and Jessi Winters, piano (four).

Instrument Pins were presented to students who earned their third Superior rating in this festival were awarded to Braden Beal, Nancy Best, Makia Galvin, Emilee Goettig, Katie Hughes, Madison Mehl, Emma Parker, Colton Rothwell, Maggie Shirazi, Brandi Vanderpool and Jenna Waterhouse.

Adjudicators for the event were Debbie Cavanaugh and David Johnson (violin & viola), Brian Hodges (cello), Evelyn Cates (piano), Mary Lou Koto (piano), Paul Moulton (piano) and Sean Rogers (piano).

 Organizers of the event were Peggy Miller, Pamela Matlock, Debbie Winters and Marie Allen, assisted by Cori Strasser, Karen Cornwell, Sylvia Marmon and Brittany DeLong.

 Piano teachers entering students were Lydia Brady, Anna Chapman, Rachel Cheney, Julie Harris, Sylvia Hunt, Kimberly Johnson, Pamela Matlock, Paul Moulton, Laurie Pinegar, Heidi Roberts, Lorie Scherer, Janine Schroeder, Cori Strasser and Marjorie Weinacht.

String teachers entering students were Heather Green, Nancy Messuri, Peggy Miller, Melissa Nash, Julia Pope, Lorie Scherer, Janine Schroeder, Sam Smith, Jill Transtrum, Emily White, Nancy B. Wilson and Debbie Winters.


Caldwell Perpective Recognized As 2014 Rookie Of The Year


Although, the Caldwell Perspective is managed by Chantele Hensel and Leora Summers, it is truly the community of Caldwell, that makes this publication the successful vehicle  that it is, that shares the good news of Caldwell. The newspaper is only a reflection of the businesses and the residents that it serves. It is our pleasure at Caldwell Perspective to announce that “we”, the Caldwell Perspective and our community, have been awarded the honor of 2014 Rookie business of the year.



February Edition of the Caldwell Perspective

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