Looking to market to Caldwell? We are the leading vehicle!

Caldwell's Hometown Newspaper - Bridging Community & Commerce

Caldwell's Hometown Newspaper - Bridging Community & CommerceCaldwell's Hometown Newspaper - Bridging Community & Commerce

Leading Vehicle for your marketing

Advertising is mandatory for the success of all businesses, no matter the size. We are proud to provide the leading marketing vehicle that will deliver your offer or message to 14,500 residents of Caldwell. The right medium gives you the chance to connect with your existing customers and expand your client base. The Caldwell Perspective will report community generated news relevant to "us" here in Caldwell and in conjunction with the many service groups ad organizations. We will work together to provide strong leadership, bringing our consumers to your business. 

We are scheduled to be on the press at the Owyhee Avalanche the first business day of each month and get the paper that afternoon. We distribute by "Every Door Direct" through our local post office. Each day we can mail 5,000 per zip code per day which makes our mailing process take two days.

It is our pleasure to provide the community with the Caldwell Perspective. The first edition was published in December 2014 and has proven to provide a thriving marketplace to businesses. Rates are affordable and provide a return on your investment. If you were to mail your business card to each address the Caldwell Perspective is sent to your cost for mailing alone would be $2,711.50. To place an ad the size of your business card in the Caldwell Perspective the cost for as low as $48 with a 12 month committment. Please download the media kit at the bottom of this page for more pricing information or call Chantele Hensel at (208) 899-6374 to make an appointment to visit about your goals!